If you have registered themselves

Depending on what page you are, click one of the these links:

Блок Вход  Страница за влизане

On the "Forgot Password" page you will see:

Забравена парола

If you are sure you remember your username, then type it in the box above and click on "Search" button below that box.

If you are sure you remember your email address, then type it in the second box and click on "Search" button below that box.

On the new page that opens, you will read:

Изпратен имейл

Open your email and find a message containing something like this:

Имейл 1

Click the web address you seceived, if not open copy and paste it into the address field of the browser to open. With this, you are confirming that you really want to change your password and you will see the following text:

Паролата сменена

Re-check your email to see your username and new password. Log on to the site with them. You'll see a page to change your password automatically sent to the new one that you can remember:

Смяна на паролата

Enter the password you received in the "Current password" box. Enter a new password in the "New passowrd" box and repeat it again in the third box. Click on "Save changes" button.
Last modified: Wednesday, 7 October 2015, 11:00 AM